Ballone Burini Mod. 45


41 treble keys F-A_

120 bass

4 sets of treble reeds

5 sets of bass reeds

11+Master treble registers

7 bass registers


Used Italian accordion Ballone Burini with 120 bass. Beautiful white accordion decorated with Swarowsky crystals. 4 choruses in the right hand and 5 choruses in the basses. 11 + Master register on the right hand and 5 registers in the basses. Classically tuned LMMH (4´8´8´16´) with Piccolo register. Bellows protection. The accordion is suitable for a child studying at a music school or an adult musician. Good light beautiful instrument, looks like new! The set includes new bright white reed straps and a strong transport box. The accordion is equipped with an internal microphone system 3+1 (3 microphones on the right hand and 1 in the bass) When performing, the playing of the instrument can be easily amplified to save energy during performances. Accordion tuning has just been checked.