Filli SOPRANI 120 bass Cassotto


41 treble keys

120 bass

2+2 treble reeds

5 bass reeds

11+Master register

7 bass register

Italian company Filli SOPRANI concert accordion. Used accordion but in very good condition, checked by a Roman accordion master. The accordion has a classical tuning LMMH (Piccolo register) The accordion has two choirs in the sound chamber – bassoon and clarinet. Therefore, it is ideal for a child studying at a music school and also for an adult musician who appreciates quality and good sound. The accordion has 4 choruses on the right and 5 choruses on the bass. There are 11 registers on the right hand and 7 on the bass. The accordion is decorated with Swarowsky crystals. The set includes padded shoulder straps and a strong transport box.