VICTORIA Magnum V-135V 72 bass New


34 treble keys

72 bass

4 treble reeds

4 bass reeds


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Production of the well-known Italian company VICTORIA. A beautiful red accordion with small dimensions. The accordion has 4 choruses in the right hand and 4 choruses in the basses. The LMMM tuning (musette) gives the small accordion a beautiful sparkling sound. The accordion has 34 keys and 72 basses. The range is G-E,

9 registers in the right hand and 3 registers in the basses. The bellows guard protects the bellows from wear. The accordion has strong voices and is suitable for both children and adult musicians who want to play with a light instrument. Weight 8,5 kg

The set includes padded straps and a transport bag.

The accordion is brand new.