Quality accordions for professionals and hobbyists.

AKORDIONI SALONG is active in the sale of Italian accordions both in Estonia and abroad. We offer high-quality chordons for beginners and professionals. For classical music artists and musicians playing folk music. The selection includes musett and classical tuned accordions, as well as concert accordions with a cassotto and chromatic bass. You have the opportunity to design the accordion according to your wishes. We advise you on the choice and purchase of a suitable instrument. We represent the sales of the Italian renowned companies BUGARI Armando, GIULIETTI, Zero Sette, Fisitalia, GIUSTOZZI, accordions in Estonia. We perform the repair of accordions, install microphones, etc. We also offer various belts, boxes and bags for accordions.

    FISITALIA 120 bass Cassotto

    5,799.00  sis. KM

    41 treble keys

    120 basses

    2+2 treble reed blocks (cassotto bassoon , clarinet)

    11+M treble registers

    7  bass registers



  • FISITALIA 120 bass

    4,499.00  sis. KM

    41 treble keys

    120 basses

    11+Master  treble registers

    7  bass registers


    37 keys F-F (mother of pearl)

    96 bass

    4 treble reeds

    5 choruses in basses

    11 registers on the right hand

    5 registers in the basses

    Weight 10.1 kg

    Reed belts with cushions

    A hardcase