Exclusive design

We will receive suggestions and tips for decorating your accordion. Each accordion is a special musical instrument for her, and why it should not be special in her appearance. Together with the Italian masters, it's possible to prepare for you the kind of accordion that is only for you in the world.

There are different colours available on your accordion. The classic color is black, but it is possible to have red, white, blue, wood imitation. There are also different color keys on the right hand and different colored bass buttons. The classic color is white and black, but it is possible to have an ivory color and different pearl colors.

Different colors of bellows. Black, white with black edges,red with black edges. Different color ornaments, edges. And many more, feel free to ask!

Golden Ornaments. Grille decorations. Bellow corners and strap holders, etc.

The registers can be different colors. We can add a chin registers to the concert accordions.

You can have standard tuning or musette tuning. You can also choose either 440 Hz or 442 Hz (for concert tunes, suitable for orchestra tuning).

It is possible to add special microphones and a midi system for accordion, which can be used to imitate the orchestra, ensemble on its own.