G.NAVINI & Figli 72 bass

Monthly payment from 36.20 €
Minimum down payment from 0.00 €

1,520.00  sis. KM

34 treble keys

72 basses

3 reed blocks in treble

4 reed blocks in bass

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For sale, a good small strong-sounding Italian accordion G.NAVINI & Figli. The accordion has 72 basses in six rows, and it allows a young musician to thoroughly familiarize himself with the bass system of the accordion at an early stage. The accordion has three choruses on the right hand and a very beautiful tremolo sound. There are four choirs in the basses. There are 5 registers on the right. There is an anti-slip protection on the back, which helps to maintain the correct position of the instrument. Suitable for a child who is starting to play the instrument and also for an adult musician who wants to play with a light, small accordion. The set includes cushioned straps and a transport box.